My Trusted Oily Girl Primers..

Hi my loves, I hope you are doing great? I just realized that I have not had problems with my skin getting too oily through the day like I used to and I owe it all to of course my SKINCARE routine and my loyal PRIMERS.

Becca Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector

-Helps  fill in your pores making them  appear invisible.

-You get 40ml for £28 and am not kidding when I say a little goes a long way,  so this will last you a very long time, I have had mine for over 18 months, if you over do it your skin will feel like dried concrete.

-Blocks oils and keeps your make up in place… TRUST ME!!

-The fact that it fills in the pores may scare some people off for fear of clogged pores but i have not had that issue with it.

P.S- watch a few YouTube videos to see how it’s best applied because if you don’t apply it right you will hate this awesome primer. I almost threw mine out.

You can buy this primer from these websites-

 Mac Prep and Prime Skin Refine Zone Treatment.

I noticed that this primer helps make my pores look a little smaller but not as much as the becca primer does.

I can vouch for this primer to keep me from getting oily the whole day!!

A little goes a long way too.

You get 15ml for 6900HUF ($23).

I apply very little to the areas of my face that I normally get oil.

I hope this helps my oily girls out there, the struggle is

thanks for reading loves.




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