Autumn/Winter Body Care…

The colder months are here people, the cold and dry air, for me it means drier skin and I hate it.
It used to be so bad for my skin that it literally felt like someone used a blade to make tiny cuts on my skin and it would itch so bad and leave dark marks.

I used the Eucerine complete repair intensive lotion with 5% urea and it worked great but it was too expensive for the quantity,(250ml).  It only lasted  2 weeks, BUT if you can afford it, I would highly recommend it.

I came across the Nivea in shower lotion, I found the concept weird but I was desperate  so I bought it.

Basically I wash my body with my shower gel, I really do not have a preference I just alternate between a few that I find works.
I use my shower gloves to scrub, this removes the extra dirt and dead skin.

I then wash off to get all the soap off, and next I rub the in shower lotion like a cream all over my body and I give it about 3 minutes to do the job and then I wash it off.

Even before I apply my moisturizers my skin already feels soft and moisturized.


These are the only lotions I alternate and they have been great. The Nivea Q10 Plus firming body lotion and  Neutrogena Deep Moisture

both give my skin so much moisture and firmness.

for extra moisture, I have a special oil mixture that I make to pair with either one of the lotions. It’s basically Jojoba oil, Almond oil or Grape seed oil, Argan oil, Castor oil and Coconut oil

 There a lot of oil mixtures online if you would want to explore, but for mine I do not have specific measurements only that I make sure to dilute the castor oil well because its such a thick oil.

I buy the Now brand of oils from Amazon and the Sunny isle Jamaican black castor oil.

One last thing I have to say is that if you shower, shower with warm water not hot water, and then colder towards the end. this is because hot water tends to dry out the skin but cold water on the other hand improves blood circulation around our organs which in turn refines our skin.









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