Colourpopgasm… (ColourPop Mini Haul)

 Hey my beauties!!  I finally got my hands on the colourpop ultramatte lippies and a few super shock shadows after over a year of dying to get these.

If you have not heard about this company..(i highly doubt that) check out their online store

As if it was not enough torture that when they first came out they only shipped to the US and Canada, social media did not make it easier for me because everywhere I turned colourpop was staring at me… do not judge me but despite knowing they could not ship to Europe, I still had an account and I would add items to my basket…LOL

Hungarian customs did not even make it easier as usual.. when these arrived,it was held by customs for another 3 weeks before I could get my hands on them (rolls eyes) But I refused to let them kill my joy!! even after the long wait I was still excited… LOL.

I have to say it was worth the wait.. when I tried the lippies at first, my lips felt a little dry after a while but then I tried prepping my lips better with Vaseline before applying and it was all good.

The thing about these lippies is that you can mix different shades,pair any shade with your fave lip liners to get a shade you want.

I have paired my nyx lipliners and also with the nyx softmatte and it blended perfectly.

Each lippie is 6USD… what???

The super shock shadows

-OK can we talk about how cute the packaging of these shadows are?

-So pigmented but even more pigmented when you use your fingers.

5USD each!!

-Almost feels like creamy butter but in a good way…not hard to blend

-Personally I did not experience fall outs from all the shadows.

If you are considering trying these out and I think you really should I mean why not? You should know they offer free shipping internationally on orders over 50 USD😳😳 I know!!

see you beauties in my next post, thanks for stopping by.



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    1. am telling you, but apparently if you tick in the form that you are a full time student, they will ask for your certificate of active studies and then you wont have to pay tax.. i have not tried it yet but i hear it works…thanks for reading dear.

  1. I have some of the dark shades of the eyeshadow and really wish I got some light shades too, could you please do more eye shadow reviews preferably palettes and would really love to see you more on eyeshadow looks.

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