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Hey beauties! I hope you all are having a great weekend or had a great one? I had a relaxing weekend.

I am so excited to share about  the Skindinavia Primer and Finishing Sprays because it has changed the way my make up applies,looks and feels especially in the drier months.

The MakeUp Primer Spray (Oil Control)

•Vitamin based Primer

•Absorbs excess oil- so you won’t have to touch up as much during the day.

•Creates a smooth canvas for the make up to sit.

•Helps to even out skin tone

•Reduce the appearance of large pores and prevent break outs.(my pores have definitely reduced in size)




•Suitable for sensitive skin

The Make Up Finishing Spray (Bridal)

•Designed to resist the effects of excess moisture.

•Helps keep makeup looking flawless.

•Absorbs quickly and last for hours.



This finishing spray takes away that extra powdery look and gives you a very airbrushed, and subtle glow.

This is not just some crazy hype, I am not bluffing when I say this products are worth trying a 100%

Because the Primer is a Spray it’s lightweight and refreshing you don’t feel like you have an extra layer.

Absorbs so fast

its  great for people who want to wear make up but can’t stand the heavy feeling of an extra layer.


If you are extra oily, use the Primer first, let it sit  to sink into your skin then apply your mattifying Primer on the areas you get oily.

I hope you try these products because you really should, I would suggest you buy from their website directly, they always have a discount and sometimes free shipping.

thanks for stopping by loves, Have a great week.


Ritso 💋

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