MilkShake For My Curls?? Yes Please!

Compliments of the season my beauties ❤️

Today’s post is different… we are talking hair, I have been on my natural hair journey for a little over a year now, am still in the TWA (tinie winie afro) stage but I have been trying lots of products that I will be sharing with you here too.

So a little story, I was out window shopping 2weeks ago with my friend turned sister Maryam(hey baby) and as usual she convinced me to get a haircut cut again!!

All the times I cut my hair it was Maryam that gave me the push, Shugah  still blames her for the one time she convinced me to cut my hair and I came back looking like a cross between a boy and a female chiwawa TRUTH!! It was traumatic. Needless to say that experience has kept me from letting any barber in Hungary  touch my hair. But I really needed a cut to give my hair some dimension and thank God this lady did a great job.

Before cutting my hair she shampooed and conditioned my hair and it felt so soft after she rinsed out I had to know what she used.

It was the Milk Shake Curl Passion Shampoo and the Milk Shake Curl Passion Mask

I especially love the Mask because of the way my hair feels after.

-Contains Shea butter and Jojoba oil.

-Fruit extracts from grapefruits, apples and peach

-Smells so good!

-My curls look and feels  super moisturized and looks better.

The Shampoo 

-Cleans without that excess lather

-It also contains Fruit extracts

-The cleansing agents used are coconut oil and Natural sugars, so you get a good clean but no stripping off.

I have to say though I got more of a wow effect from the Mask than from the shampoo… I do love the shampoo but the Mask is definitely a holy grail for me.

I got these from the salon I cut my hair here in Budapest  but I found that you can get these from  beautybay for about 12Pounds.

I never know how to end my posts so I will just say thanks for stopping by. Please subscribe and let me know in the comments what hair products I need to try.



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