Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser… Why have I been gone?

Hey beauties.. I really had to tell you about the Sunday Riley ceramic slip cleanser but before that can I tell you how much  I  have missed posting on here, it has been a crazy year so far, this winter has kicked my butt to the maximum, its like I have been sick every weekend from the flu to the stomach bug.

School started too guys.. a lot to do, basically I have been trying to find a good balance between school,work and this so I do not end up neglecting one, for the people who come to check the blog, I see you!! thanks for the support darlings. But while all the craziness was going on of course I have been trying  a lot of things and working on giving you better contents too.

I have been meaning to try at least two of the Sunday Riley skin care products thanks to the hype on every social media possible, luckily in January cultbeauty  brand of the month was Sunday Riley and the offer was free shipping and the Sunday Riley ceramic slip cleanser for free for any £85 purchase, it was the perfect opportunity to try one more thing because I had planned on buying just the Sunday Riley luna sleeping night oil.(blog post on that coming soon)

So lets talk about this Cleanser.. Let me start by saying, this cleanser does not smell so good, at least to me, but I think it’s because they did not want to fill it with nonsense just to make it smell nice.

The first time I used it was terrible!! BUT you get used to the smell and who cares as long as it does what it says it would and it DOES!!

It leaves my skin feeling supple, clean but not dried out.

It says that it is most suited for normal to oily skin and I find that a lot of products tailored to oily skin tends to be drying but not this one gurl.

French green clay draws out impurities

Vitamin c reduces the appearance of discoloration, plump up the skin and repairs damage by stimulating collagen production.

Black pepper stimulates circulation

Jasmine soothes and restores the skin

Frankincense encourages healthy cell growth

Very little does the job,, no need to go ham on it.

Honestly, this is one of those cleansers I intend to keep buying..  I actually see the difference in my skin after I wash my face. it’s a great cleanser to use in the morning too because it is so gentle on the skin and so it wont strip your skin.

If  you want to try this cleanser you can get from

They ship worldwide as long as it’s on this earth so my Nigeria,Ghana etc readers this is good news, they also offer free shipping worldwide on orders over 50 pounds.

Thanks for reading beauties please comment under this post with any questions you may have or any product you may want me to try or even things you would love to see more of. Muah!



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