My Current Favorite Brushes For Foundation Application

  • What tool or brush I use for my foundation application really depends on how my skin is behaving especially when the lady hormones are all over the place…. Ughhhh!! I do not necessarily break out thank God!! but my skin feels rough,and then looks dull too.

Also depends on the consistency of the foundation and the coverage am going for.

The beauty blender has always been my favourite thing for foundation application but some foundations e.g the urban decay all nighter foundation just look better applied with brushes.

One more thing about the beauty blender is that it’s perfect for when you really need to dial down on the coverage of your foundation

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

 I had this baby for over 3 years yep! I tried to use it once and hated it so I just dumbed it… A few months ago my brushes were all dirty so I reluctantly reached for it, needless to say I loved the outcome and I got addicted.

With this brush you can get a medium coverage to a full coverage.

The shape is just perfect really.. It’s almost tapered but has just the right amount of  fluffy, Now this is just but its like using a paint brush and a fluffy brush at the same time.

The shape also allows for easy foundation application and to conceal and contour with which is really convenient for me because am always short of time in the mornings, so if I don’t have to switch between tools am glad.

This brush goes for 15.35 euros on

Real Techniques Buffing Brush

Has the right amount of density for a flawless foundation application.

The fibres are soft,zero shedding.

I also use only this brush for my foundation application and to conceal and contour.

I am not sure about America but in the websites that carry Real Techniques  in Europe I have not seen this brush sold on it’s  own. It used to be part of the  real techniques Sam’s picks set that was discontinued I guess, but now you can find it in th Real Techniques Core Collection Kit 

The kit goes for 26.87euros on

MakeUp Addiction Cosmetics- The Buffer

This  brush is sold in The Luxury Face Set (54Pounds) 

on its own(12Pounds)

Its a flat top brush, reminds me of the sigma F80 brush but this has lesser stiffness and a little less dense.

I use this brush when am going for a full coverage, it gives me just that!

Fibres are so soft and does not shed when washed or when in use.

Only thing about this brush though is that its not easy to get it cleaned, maybe its me but I have to wash over and over again to get it clean.

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  1. Hello lady, thank you for this information I was wondering if you could do a write up on the different types of brush bristles and what products they are best used with.

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