Primers.. So Many To Choose From but which is best for you?

Primer is the one thing I never skip before my foundation.. no matter what the foundation promises, I could skip a Primer just to test the claims but I go right back.

For some people its just an extra layer they’d rather skip and honestly some people do get away with skipping it, if you are that girl or boy(am not judging๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜œ) do you boo! But if you are my kinda gurl keep reading.

What Do Primers Do?

Primers ย should do at least one of these..

Help your foundation last longer

Moisturize ย and OR Mattify

Color Correct

Smooth out skin texture and blur imperfections like large pores and wrinkles

Some Treat imperfections and also have Sun protection in them( this is not necessarily a must.)

What Primer is best for You?

Before you run out to buy a Primer the first thing you need to ask is “what do I need my Primer to do?”

1.Your skin is oily and ย the makeup melts right off ย then you want a Mattifying Primer to keep the oils away.

โ€ขBecca Ever-matte Poreless Priming Perfector.– Buy here

โ€ขMakeup forever step 1 skin Equalizer Mattifying Primer. – Buy here

โ€ขMac Prep and Prime Skin refined zone Treatment. – Find in stores.

2.You have enlarged pores or your skin is textured you want a smoothing Primer like

โ€ขNyx Cosmetics Angel veil Skin Perfecting Primer

-Oil free

-Smooths out the skin

-keeps oils off for a good amount of time but does not dry out the skin so if you have normal or dry skin you can get away with this one.

-It does leave a white caste on the face but that does not show through your foundation.

Buy here

If you live in Budapest or Hungary, you can find this in the NYX store in Allee Mall.

โ€ขMakeup Forever Step 1 Skin Equalizer Smoothing Primerย 

-Great for all skin types in my opinion

-Smoothes out the skin and blurs those pores:if you are a very oily girl you might want to skip this one for the Becca ever matte ย because with this you get the best of both worlds(mattify and smoothes)

Buy here

โ€ขMaybelline Baby skin

-A very affordable one, smoothes skin texture and blurs pores but does not keep the oils away.

โ€ขBenefit cosmetics POREfessional face Primer

3.You have dry skin you want to go for a Moisturizing Primer

โ€ขMakeup Forever step 1 skin equalizer Hydrating Primer or Nourishing Primer

โ€ขSmashBox Priming water

Skindinavia Primer Spray.

4. Dull and needs radiance

Mac Prep and Prime Natural radiance Base Lumiere

Sometimes skin needs kind of overlap, what I mean is that you may be

A.Oily and have dry areas

1.Get a great moisturizer to take care of the dryness and go ahead to use your mattifying primer ย only in the areas you tend to get oily.

B.Dry but have enlarged pores

1. Really moisturize your skin first and go in with a smoothing or pore minimizing Primer

ย There is really no need to go out and get multiple primers.. unless you want to explore then you go boo!!

I hope that this post helps you to pick a great primer, thanks for reading beauties.



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