Thinking of Trying The Glamglow Masks?.. Start With These Two

 It’s pretty obvious I am obsessed with face masks the Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment is definitely one those Masks I keep coming back to.

-It’s designed to visibly clear the complexion

-Suitable for normal,oily and combination skin

-In my opinion this is amazing for Oily skin

-Definitely great for people prone to clogged pores,  unclogs my pores and gives my skin a cleansed feel.

-Also great for treatment of acne and blemishes…. I can not confirm this claim because I thankfully do not have acne.

Ingredients worth Mentioning 


A naturally occurring clay substance which helps in Detoxifying the skin

Mandelic Acid 

A more gentle AHA derived from bitter almonds.

Targets wrinkles & fine lines

hyper-pigmentation & discoloration


The Glamglow Flashmud Brightening Treatment  is A new one to me, I saw the word brightening!  and I was curious.

This mask is definitely joining my fave list,

-It leaves my skin looking and feeling soft and moisturized:- In the winter months I wake up with my skin looking and feeling dehydrated because of the heating in my room, I apply this mask for 10 mins and it gives my skin a pick up!

-Helps prepare my skin for a smooth foundation application.

-It also doubles as a mild yet effective exfoliator.

-Brightens and works to fade pigmentation over time.

I got this mask mainly for the slight pigmentation around my mouth, honestly if you are looking for a quick miracle product,skip this one. But if you are willing to give it time and consistency, You will see a difference before you finish the pot.

The instructions says to use it 3 days in a row the first time you start using it and then you can use it 2-3 times in a week afterwards..

Also You need to use high SPF sunscreen daily because when you use treatments like these that work by lifting dead skin and exposing new skin your skin is more sensitive during use, think of your new skin as a new baby.. sensitive and fragile and the sun would either reverse the effect or make your skin worse. I always say SPF 30 and up is best!

Love to hear your thoughts on these masks or any Glamglow mask you have tried or anyone you are thinking of trying out.




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