NYX: Total Control Drop Foundation AND Stay Matte But Not Flat Foundation


I am in love with this foundation y’all ❤️❤️

So many shades available to choose from even though right now I have to mix two shades to get a perfect match it still does not take away from the variety of this foundation.

My Winter Shade is Cappuccino 17, Because I got a little tanned in the summer I mix equal parts of Cappuccino 17 and Mocha 19

Very buildable.. The more drops the more coverage you get

Looks just as great applied with a beauty sponge or brush.

You won’t look like cake face unless you over do it.

I love that it I stays Matte for a good amount of time before blotting.

Am not so crazy about the price though🙄🙄

You get Only 13ml for 4990HUF ~19USD



Now this one I have a love hate relationship with

I Just got this one about 3weeks ago and look this foundation and humidity? No!!

This is the thing about this Foundation, I don’t have to mix to get a good shade match.

If you are a not so oily girl.. you will love it!

Beautiful foundation, my shade matches to the  100!

Its light, no smell, smooth and just the right texture and balance between thickness and liquidity.

Blends like a dream!

Its one of those foundations that you can just wear it without doing anything and your skin looks alive and flawless but still human like you know?

You get 35ml for 2400HUF~ 5USD

I really Love how beautiful my skin looks as soon as I apply it


I noticed that This foundation last longer and looks beautiful longer when am not wearing it with anything else like a concealer etc.

I am still experimenting on ways to to extend its longevity but I feel like It would work amazing in the winter months for me because my skin switches back to normal in the winter.

Thanks For stopping by loves.. let me know in the comments which you try or if you have tried any or both! Let me know your tricks😜



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